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We all have different experiences and we all have wonderfully diverse ways in which music plays a role in our lives. With so many situations and unique goals that influence your relationship with music, there are often amazing benefits to having one-on-one time to recognize and acknowledge your unique aptitudes. Accountability, motivation, guidance, tips from experience, and friendship are all developed through a relaxed and open teaching style.

Already been playing for awhile but not really sure what to do next? We can develop a clear and exciting practice schedule to keep you learning new things and keep your drumming fresh and rewarding.

Each lesson is crafted specifically for each musician and explores the most recent and effective pedagogy. With an emphasis on fun and creativity, we work together to bring out your strengths through positive reinforcement and the joy of learning.
Currently offering lessons in:
  • Drumset (all styles)
  • Classical Percussion (all)
  • African/Egyptian/Persian/Latin Hand Percussion
  • Two and Four-Mallet Keyboards
  • Rudimental Snare Drum
  • Other Specialties Not Listed

In the beginning stages we will team-up to identify your individual goals and how I can help you along the way. I draw from a vast array of curriculum to develop individual programs for each musician. Lesson duration can vary depending on schedule and musician preference, and I offer a wide selection of dates and times. Lesson scheduling can be monthly, quarterly, or annually with multiple payment options available. I provide professional invoice and payment receipt options to track your tax deductions for dependents and other tax or benefit programs. Not completely sure what you’re looking for? Let’s chat and see if we can work something out together.

Studio Lessons

Drums are, well, there is no other way to put it… LOUD! (and I wouldn’t change a thing)

I  get it, my neighbors smile politely when I leave the house as well. With a private studio we can all play nice and make all the noise we want! Complete with a waiting area and comfy couches where our musician roadies can relax or get some work done while they wait.

In-Home Lessons

So many things, so little time… Or gas money!

Struggling to get yourself or your musician to lessons? Prefer to play on your own drums? Not sure on child care but still want to play? In-home lessons may be the solution! I offer a wide range of dates and times and would love to help alleviate any added stress of heading out to a lesson.

Adult Students

“I’ve always wanted to try, but just never have.” – Every Adult Ever

With no forced commitment, I’m here to say Yes! Let’s do it! I teach adults of all ages and love tapping-in to those remnants of exploration and play we all have within. Drumming doesn’t always need to be a means to something else, and has amazing potential when used for simply the experience of making music.  

Drum Transcriptions

Stuck trying to learn a song by ear? Need to learn it quickly? Is it too hard for your current playing level?

Sometimes seeing something written out can help us make sense of it. Having a full transcription can be useful for learning as well as performance and memorization. When writing transcriptions I offer variations and alternatives for difficult areas that may be out of your current comfort zone, and also variations to add some spice in simpler areas. Let’s chat and see what you’re looking for!

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School/Community Band Tutoring

“That one time, at band camp”…

Are you or your child new to band and feeling lost in the crowd? Sometimes just a little one-on-one can help fill in the gaps of the large class structure and provide that little boost to really shine. Not sure about theory, technique, rudiments, sight reading, score study, or difficult passages? Chances are I’ve struggled through the same things and would love to help make the process easier for you, so you can focus on playing music!

Music Theory & Notation

BbAug13, Pataflafla, Post-Tonal… Uhhhh?

The more you learn, the more you know, that you really don’t know anything. Having been through advanced Western music theory, jazz theory, and even Serialism and Atonality, I can understand how overwhelming and confusing theory can be. Sometimes a little one-on-one can help make sense of complicated concepts and bring a deeper understanding to the ways we organize music. Never read a note in your life? Great! Let’s theory geek-out together!

Not Completely Sure What You're Looking For?

Sometimes all it takes for a little clarity is to talk it out. Let’s connect and see what we can come up with, it will be great to say hello!