What people say?

Having a son with special needs there are lots of people that have shined through the years in helping in our sons success, Marc is one of the brightest stars in our sons success. From the strangers that approach them after a performance to say how wonderful they did, to the people that say they brought tears to their eyes. Marc has the passion and the ambition to take on any challenge and make it part of something most people would never think was possible.

Marc has a unique teaching method that makes the impossible very possible, with his positive and innovative ideas Marc is a great attribute to any student that is looking to further their career in music. All you ever need is one person to believe in you and that person is Marc.
- Sandy Manthorne
Private Student Parent
Marc's enthusiasm reflects back in the students and is very fun and engaging. He made for a comfortable classroom to learn in and offers a great program. He introduced many different ideas from a good knowledge base. It gets the students off to a good start for being able to apply their musical knowledge to instrumentation, and a good program for students to learn foundational skills to apply to multiple types of musical endeavors. Flexible enough for varied abilities, and directed enough to maximize strengths and learning capabilities.
Thank you Marc! We had lots of fun learning from you and have some new skills to challenge and expand on!
- Alisa Vandenberg
Teacher, Granum school
eight week percussion unit
grades 1-6
I have been taking personal drum lessons with Marc for the past year.  Already an experienced taiko drummer, I felt I could "play songs" but was missing a deep understanding of the art of percussion.  Marc helped me clarify what I was looking for, and continues to ensure my goals are being met. We started with music notation, applying it to the familiar taiko.  Marc has such a wide percussion background that soon I was playing different hand drums. And now I have a drum kit in the spare room. Happily, there have been no complaints from the neighbors (to date).

Marc is a knowledgeable, intuitive and passionate teacher. He constantly refers to a variety of global percussion  music and techniques.  Lessons with Marc begin with what I know, have practiced and feel confident playing.  Lessons always end with ever such a little tweak, a perfectly clear objective for practice, something to master and showcase at the next lesson.  He is scientifically precise in taking what I have worked hard to learn to the next level.  There is just enough stretch in technique or content to strive for, never too much.  Lessons are fun, we laugh, I make mistakes and regroup.  He encourages risk taking, and provides a safe environment to let my inner rock drummer heart thrive.

So...If you have ever harbored the slightest desire to learn, or to improve at, drumming, I highly recommend contacting Marc.  You will have fun.  You will learn.  You will be a better musician.
- Shirley Macey
Adult student
Marc Vantol is an exceptionally skilled percussionist, but what sets him apart from the crowd his his professionalism, his passion and his dedication to his workmanship.

Whether it's logistics, transportation, or executing his part to perfection with formidable artistic wherewithal, Marc exceeds expectations with the greatest of ease. He is a pleasure to work with, and a true consummate professional.
- Rob Maciak